#WMMY23 SOP & Safety

Things to be mindful of if you’re joining the march!

Note: Please cooperate with #WMMY23 marshals on duty

SOP Before Event

Please conduct self-test to ensure negative covid result!
You are encouraged to stay at home if you are:
– Tested Positive
– Not fully vaccinated
– Recently close contact with someone positive
– Experiencing symptoms of covid
– Living with high-risk individuals

SOP During Event

– Wear mask in proper manner
– Disinfect regularly
– Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
– Wash hands regularly with soaps for at least 20 seconds
– DON’T respond to any provocations
– DON’T bring firecrackers or weapons
– DON’T litter
– DON’T wear or carry symbols of political parties

What to Bring

– Placards
– Comfy clothes for rain or shine
– Your own food and drinks
– Only valuables you need (IC, debit/credit card, some cash, your phone)
– Your squad (move in groups for safety!)
– Extra masks
– Umbrellas/raincoats in case of rain

  • Bring your own biodegradable waste bag, drinking bottles, reusable cutleries and napkins.
  • Remember to pick up and dispose any waste around you!
  • If you need any assistance, please find marshals/organizers on the scene. or dm us on Instagram/Twitter @womensmarchmy