Festival #WomensMarchMY

29 Februari / February 2020
10:00 am – 7:30 pm

Jom berpesta di Festival #WomensMarchMY! Bersempena dengan Hari Wanita Antarabangsa, pesta yang berlangsung selama satu hari ini adalah untuk mengumpul dana secara terbuka bagi Perarakan Wanita Malaysia 2020. Ia akan dipenuhi dengan pelbagai forum, tayangan filem, bacaan puisi, persembahan muzik, dan juga makanan(!). Ia akan berlangsung pada 29hb Februari di GMBB Mall. Pesta ini juga bertujuan untuk memberi inspirasi dan mendekatkan orang awam dengan sesi perkongsian ilmu oleh para aktivis dan NGO yang berjuang ke arah kesaksamaan gender.

Come down to the #WomensMarchMY Festival! In conjunction with International Women’s Day, this full day festival is a public fundraiser for the upcoming Women’s March Malaysia 2020. Filled with forums, film screenings, poetry, music performances, and of course, food(!). Happening on 29th February at GMBB Mall, the festival aims to inspire and connect the public with knowledge building sessions by activists and NGOs working towards gender equality.

Persembahan / Performances

Panel / Panels

Penggerak Perempuan: Motivasi dan Cabaran Dalam Aktivisme
10:30 am

Women from diverse backgrounds have been instrumental in various social movement and yet their contributions are often overlooked and ignored. This discussion aims to amplify women’s dedication, resilience, and efforts in social activism particularly around the issues of electoral reform, climate change, child marriage, rights of participation by young girls and women’s political participation.

Rape Culture & Sexual Harassment: Lived Realities, Legislation & Challenging Stereotypes
11:30 AM

An integrated panel discussion on how rape culture and sexual harassment impacts the lived reality of women in Malaysia, together with the need for legislation and social awareness to change the tide .

Women Make Waves Film Screening and Q&A
12:30 PM

The screening will feature short-films by Sharifah Amani, Bebbra Mailin, Amanda Nell Eu, Nadiah Hamzah and Mien.ly. The two-hour programme will see a panel session thereafter with the industry experts, moderated by fellow filmmaker Indrani Kopal. Entrance to the event is free, but donations are welcomed. Proceeds will go to the Women’s
March that is happening on 8th March.

Hospital Workers Share Their Fight Against Low Wage Injustice & Labour Exploitation
2:30 PM

Join Yee Shan, Industrial Relations Officer for Kesatuan Pekerja Swasta Hospital Kerajaan, as well as a representative from Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (JERIT) as they share the challenges that hospital workers face accessing equal pay and rights.

I am Generation Equality: Girls Rights and Human Rights
3:30 PM

Featuring snapshots of children’s lived realities in Malaysia, Melissa Mohd Akhir from WAO will lead a sharing circle framed on children’s human rights that intersects with gender equality.  

An Equal Future: A Vision of Gender Diversity & Inclusion
4:15 PM

This participatory discussion will level off and interrogate what is gender and what does being an ally mean. Through sharing of lived experiences as well as trends of discrimination, recognition and inclusion it hopes to expand our understanding of gender and nurture connections.

Lokasi / Location

Menuju ke sana

Pengangkutan Awam

LRT Laluan Sri Petaling / Ampang – Turun di Stesen Plaza Rakyat (AG8/SP8) berjalan untuk 850 m ke GMBB.

MRT Laluan Sungai Buloh – Kajang – Turun di Stesen Merdeka (SBK17) dan berjalan untuk 1.3 km ke GMBB.

Monorel – Turun di Stesen Hang Tuah (MR4) dan berjalan untuk 850 m ke GMBB.

KADAR Tempat letak kereta
  • RM 3 untuk jam pertama
  • RM 1 untuk setiap jam berikutnya
  • Kadar maksima adalah RM 12

Getting there

Public transport

LRT Sri Petaling / Ampang Line – Get off at Plaza Rakyat Station (AG8/SP8) and walk for 850 m to GMBB.

MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang Line – Get off at Merdeka Station (SBK17) and walk for 1.3 km to GMBB.

Monorail – Get off at Hang Tuah (MR4) Station and walk for 850 m to GMBB.

parking rates
  • RM 3 for the first hour
  • RM 1 for every subsequent hour
  • Maximum parking rate is RM 12